Chairman Speech-威尼斯人vn77

Vanlead Group,renamed from Guangzhou International Group, was born from the riverside of Pearl River. As a leader in Guangzhou and an advanced enterprise over China in the areas of rubber tire and chemical industry, Vanlead Group always shoulders the responsibility to preserve and increase the value of state-owned assets, to strengthen its core competitiveness, to optimize industrial structure and to persistently reform and develop.

Vanlead Group has kept reconstructing and reforming over the past ten years. The subsidiaries and affiliates of Vanlead Group have clearly constructed 3+1 development strategy that mainly focuses on rubber tire, the fine chemical,salt chemical,second on the modern service industry nowadays, turning to have more and more members, larger scale, stronger capacity and intensive and meticulous management than the past.

Experience in the competition in the The seas are in turmoil., change; the time change, the development in the era of progress. Wanli Group growth engraved with the pioneering spirit, hard work ahead of the cultural stigma, reform of Wanli Group fusion of different enterprises and innovation, Wanli Group future bearing the ardent desire of the sustainable development of the society from all walks of life, evergreen, creating the Wanli Group "leading culture, integration and innovation, sustainable management" business philosophy.

Vanlead Group is characterized by Chemistry, having a promising future, owning a practical and aggressive style and emphasizing on social responsibility and morals. With a future prospect, Vanlead Group will stand in  front of the reform and openness, rooting in large chemical industry, accelerating its scientific development,transformation and upgrade,trying to become a national leading and world-renowned tire & rubber and chemical enterprise as well as a product and service provider in 2020,creating a new century of Vanlead Group development.

Fu Shoujie

The Chairman of Vanlead Group