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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Release time:2015-08-20

While engaged in its business operations, Vanlead is keen on its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

Carrying out poverty alleviation work at Makeng Village in Magui Town and Heting Village in Dapo Town, Gaozhou, Guangdong.

Engaged in poverty alleviation work at Zhongxin Village in Aoto Town, Conghua, a mountainous area in northern Guangzhou.

Helping to lift Songzhou Village and Xishan Village in Leizhou out of poverty


FuShoujie, Vanlead chairman and CPC Committee secretary and his team, in thecompany of cadres from Leizhou and Songzhu Town, visiting the pupils at XishanElementary School with greetings and gifts for them and taking a group photowith them.-威尼斯人vn77-www9778威尼斯com

Fu Shoujie, Vanlead chairman and CPC Committee secretary handing out stationery as Children’s Day gifts to the excellent pupils at Songzhu Central Elementary School.