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Tree-planting Activities to Build a Green Homestead

Release time:2015-08-20


          March 11 – 13, Vanlead Trade Union chairwoman Zhao Lina leading the members of Vanlead Trade Union Office arrived at Shuangyi, Diamond, Pearl River Chemical Paint, and Lifeng respectively, where they joined forces with the trade unions of these subsidiaries in carrying out tree-planting activities, which were aimed to improve the environment awareness of the employees, create a good organizational climate for tree planting and environment protection, and make the campuses greener.

          Thoughthe spring breeze carried some cold and humidity in a slightly cold weather anddrizzle, the enthusiasm of these people for tree planting was high. At thesites, the CPC and administrative leaders, trade union cadres, and CommunistYouth League members were very active; in cooperation they dug holes in theearth with shovels and hoes, carefully placed the saplings in there, and filledthem with dirt and base fertilizers before watering and stepping on them tomake the dirt solid. A series of work was completed in collaboration. They wereall satisfied to see the saplings they had planted with their own

          Thoughthe activities were over, we believe that the idea of “environment protectionactivities for green campuses” is well accepted by the members of the group andwill go on. We will, by working with the enterprises, carry on these “treeplanting and protection” activities in playing our part to make our campusesgreener and more beautiful.-澳门威尼斯人vns5188-威尼斯人vn77