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Beautiful Homestead: Young Volunteers in Action in Spring Festival

Release time:2015-08-20

        Vanlead Youth League Committee took action inresponse to the special activity “Beautiful Homestead: Young Volunteers inAction in Spring Festival”. According to the activity requirements, VanleadYouth League Committee called on the Youth League organizations directly underit at Vanlead’s subsidiaries such Pear River Chemical Industry Group, NanfangSoda ASH, and SCTR to contact, as soon as possible, the Youth League WorkingCommittees of Nonglin Street in Yuexiu District, Donghuan Street in Panyu, andAotou Town in Conghua (Vanlead has business operations in these places) andjoin forces with them carrying out cleaning activities in the urban area. Morethan 60 young volunteers in uniforms, carrying such cleaning tools as dustpansand brooms, worked together with the cleaning workers in cleaning thepavements, roadbeds and flower beds, the greening belts, and blind spots, andremoving the taints from wall or road surfaces; they also made some publicityto promote environment awareness. A beautiful homestead starts with YouthLeague members. Those at Vanlead will continue to volunteer in such activitiesand get themselves involved in making the city a better place where it iscleaner, tidier, and more威尼斯