Win with Innovation and Ingenuity

Release time:2017-01-11

       On January 10, the 1st Innovation and Improvement (I & I) Conference was held at the Auditorium of South China Normal University. A total of nearly 500 people, including the leaders of the Group, middle managers of the headquarters, leaders of the subordinate enterprises and audiences participated in this grand carnival of innovation.

       Fu Shoujie, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Group pointed out in his speech that we shall win by innovation and ingenuity, which indicates innovation in mind and ingenuity in action. He affirmed the progress the Group made in 2016, and shared three interpretations of the I&I event: 1. 70% for work and 30% for report. Reports can help win recognition and resources, figure out where the problem is, and find out the treatment. 2. Back to the original point and look for the real reason. Think from the original intention and clarify the goal of an action, so as to find the crux and real reason of a problem. At the same time, emphasize the importance of data, and make good use of tools such as why-why analysis and fish bone map to find the real cause of a problem. 3.Team work and common progress. Mutual support is the key for collaboration, which helps form a united force and maximize the value of each individual. As the strength of team is crucial, this group activity can help everyone better feel the power of collaboration. Meanwhile, Chairman Fu also encouraged everyone to realize the goals set in the Group’s 13th Five Year Plan with solid ingenuity and constant innovation, so as to promote the comprehensive development of each sector of the Group. He also proposed that the development of the enterprise relies on the construction of technical barrier. To this end, the Group is willing to create a good working and entrepreneurship environment themed at "develop in innovation, grow in development, and expand in growth". He hoped that the employees can constantly learn and improve, so that "innovation" and "ingenuity" is built in the gene of the Group to create a new path for development driven by innovation.

       The I& I event received application of a total of 37 projects from 4 categories (i.e., manufacturing and production, product development, marketing service and integrated management). Among them, four projects received the "Keep Up" award and the ten projects won the "Excellent Project" awards (See the list below for project names). In the onsite release sector, the participating groups demonstrated the implementation process and results of their I&I project, and described true stories related to innovation and improvement during this period through PPT presentation, scene play and other forms. After this part, the group leaders awarded the winners of the event.

       At the end of the event, Group General Manager Huang Yong announced the official launching of the Group’s 2nd Most Beautiful Employee Activity. The event was completed successfully.