Win by Innovation and Ingenuity, Stay True to the Mission and Keep Moving Forward

Release time:2017-01-11


      On January 10, 2017, the 2017 Guangzhou Vanlead Group Working Conference was held at the conference room of the Group headquarters in Shengfeng Building. At the conference, General Manager Hong Yong made the 2017operational report titled "Driven by innovation with good governance efforts, strive to create a new development pattern of the Group"; Deputy Party Secretary Yang Jun reported the party construction and ideological /political work of the Group. All the leaders of the Group, Supervisory Committee dispatched by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangzhou Municipality (SASAC), all middle managers of the headquarters, executives, leaders of the subordinate enterprises, and main responsible person of the 5K Project Team attended the conference. At the conference, the 2017 Letter of Responsibility was signed between the Board of Directors of the Group and the management team, as well as between the Group and the subordinate enterprises.

      In the end, Fu Soujie, Chairman and Party Secretary of the Group delivered a speech titled "Win by Innovation and Ingenuity, Stay True to the Mission and Keep Moving Forward". Chairman Fu confirmed that the Group had seized many opportunities in 2016 and made active changes. Over the past three years, the Group "unified thinking, made strategy, stabilized mindset, recruited talents, built system, and foundfulcrums", which helped the Group maintain a steady growth in production and business; at the same time, three highlights appeared, they are: in the aspect of standardize corporate governance , the Group has completed the standardized construction inspection conducted by the SASAC, which is regarded as a systematic guarantee; in the aspect of constructing a scientific and technological innovation platform, the official operation of Vanlead Innovation Park is regarded as the support of development; in the aspect of intelligent manufacturing, the Wanli Hefei Factory was officially put into production, which is regarded as a direction guidance.

      Looking forward to work in 2017, the key lies in transformation and upgrading. Firstly, we shall strengthen scientific and technological innovation. The Innovation Park is just a beginning, with this good platform, the Group decides to transform the Guangzhou Zhujiang Chemical Industry Group into Vanlead Group Research Institute, and integrate the resources of Wanli Tire, Zhujiang Chemical Industry and Zhujiang Chemical Coating to further strengthen the Group’s capability in scientific and technological innovation; Secondly, give full play to the asset management role of Guangzhou Rubber Co., Ltd., do a good job in cleaning up zombie enterprises and other procedural work, and also learn to fully dig the potential and resources of the Group to line up with the future development direction of the Group.Thirdly, well plan the strategic transformation of Nanfang Soda Ash,Diamond and Lifeng, implement and follow up projects with the combination of transformation. Fourthly, take the opportunity of land appreciation to revitalize the land value, so as to provide sufficient capital for the development of the Group’s main business. At the same time, to facilitate the development of the Group, we must focus on the following three points: 1.International layout: The construction of Wanli Tire Factory in US shall score substantive and phased results, so the industry can step forward to the global market. 2. International mergers and acquisitions: in addition to the existing industries, cross-industry development close to the strategic layout of Guangzhou shall also be considered, so as to extend the industrial chain and further the transformation and upgrading.3. Realize asset securitization, so the asset management can be combined with capital management.

      Fu proposed that the most important task for subordinate enterprises is to complete the current production and management task with good results, thus this year is defined as "the year of efficiency improvement". Everyone shall work harder to realize the transformation from point to face. Only by realizing parallel development in all aspects can the Group achieve comprehensive development. Therefore, we are required to master and enhance the following five abilities: 1. the ability to grasp the environment, which means the ability to predict trend and seize the momentum. In particular, "good listening" stands for the strong information acquisition system, "good eyesight" stands for the elimination of departmental selfishness, and "good smell" stands for the associative ability that can identify sensitive elements. That is to have a joint force to pull a whole body sensibility and professional sense of smell. 2. Organizational and executive ability, that is to have systematic and standard measures towards the assigned tasks, the implementation process shall be in accordance with the procedure, and handled tasks shall be inspected and supervised. In terms of the organizational management, we shall continue to facilitate the flow and exchange of personnel, and keep the personnel management active. 3. The ability of management innovation. We shall challenge to a higher level because the original way of thinking and management methods can no longer meet the needs of change. 4.Corporate profitability: profit is the most fundamental thing for an enterprise, whether it is a state-owned enterprise or a private enterprise. Each enterprise of the Group has its own account settlement, and is required to ensure the rationality of budget, as well as the benchmarking of both the industry average standard and industry advanced standard. 5. Social influence. In the search for a project, we shall not only pay attention to the economic returns but also value its social influence. An investment shall be able to have long-term benefits for the social development and bring economic value thereof.

      In addition to the above mentioned "five abilities", we shall also turn the party building work into development advantages of the enterprise, promote the acceleration of work through comprehensive and strict governance, and realize sustained and healthy development of the Group. He also gave three suggestions on how to promote the comprehensive and strict implementation of party governance: First, focus on the implementation of responsibility. Strengthen the responsibilities of directors and adhere to the in-depth combination of central work and party building work, so as to escort the landing and implementation of main strategies. Second, focus on improvement of the party building team, create a working environment that emphasizes systems, rules and regulations, so as to strictly manage the enterprise by law, and facilitate a favorable environment for the reform and development. Third, focus on the strict governance of cadres. Leaders and cadres at all levels shall cherish the current platform; one can never display his/her personal ability without the support of a platform, no matter how great the personal ability is.

      In 2017, strict assessment will be implemented, the goals set by the enterprise shall be resolutely completed, and pilot professional manager spot shall be set in subordinate enterprises. In 2017, the "1 +6" strategy will be re-examined and researched, solid work shall be conducted, and employees shall stay true to the mission and keep moving forward, so as to make greater contributions to the development of the Group!