Integrate Intelligence in the New Age, Start a New Voyage: Guangzhou Vanlead Group Successfully Hosted the Intelligent Manufacturing Practice and Outlook Forum

Release time:2017-11-23


Chairman Fu Shoujie of Vanlead Group made a keynote speech at the forum

On November 22, the “Integrate Intelligence in the New Age, Start a New Voyage” Intelligent Manufacturing Practice and Outlook Forum hosted by Guangzhou Vanlead Group was grandly held in Guangzhou.Chairman Fu Shoujie and General Manager Huang Yong of Guangzhou Vanlead Group, and mearly 200 people, including representatives of state-owned enterprises from Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance, representatives of advanced intelligent equipment enterprises of China, representatives from transnational technology companies, consulting firms, investment banks, industry associations, renowned university scholars and news media participated in the forum.

Tan Yongchao, Global Managing Partner of McKinsey (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd., made a speech


QiaoXuefeng, Vice President of Rockwell Automation (China) Co., Ltd., made a speech

Since China has formulated the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing a historic juncture in the transformation and upgrading of smart manufacturing. As the organizer of this forum, Fu Shoujie, Chairman of Guangzhou Vanlead Group, said that the successful practice of Wanli Tire’s Intelligent Factory could lead the intelligent development of the tire industry. This achievement should not be limited to a breakthrough point in the tire industry, but be placed on the level of traditional manufacturing industry and the existing physical enterprises. This was also the original intention of Vanlead Group to organize the forum.

Yuan Zhongxue, Chiarman of MESNAC Co., Ltd., made a speech


Roundtable forum in the morning

The forum brought together leaders from supply side, demand side,high-tech industries, investment industry and finance industry, as well as industry representatives, experts and scholars to run through the whole industry chain from technical research, equipment development to production practice, industrial policy and capital support. By comprehensively interpreting and analyzing the new models, new concepts and new paths for traditional manufacturing industry to transform to intelligent manufacturing in multiple angels, the forum will play an active demonstrative role in guiding the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry.

Xu Wenying, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Rubber Industry Association, made a speech

Huang Yong, General Manager of Vanlead Group, made a speech

On the same day of the forum, the Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance jointly launched byVanlead Group, Sinolight Group, Intelligent Equipment Group, and Yuexiu Group was officially established. Vanlead Group serves as the chairman unit, while Guangzhou Automobile Group, Wanbao Group, Pearl River Beer and other state-owned enterprises also take an active part in the alliance. The integrated cooperation of these enterprises in the smart manufacturing field will drive the manufacturing industry chain of Guangzhou to tilt to intelligent manufacturing and create a cluster of manufacturing industry in Guangzhou. This is also a sign that Guangzhou state-owned enterprises are actively responding to Guangzhou’s construction of demonstrative “Made in China 2025”city and the call of the 19th National Congress of the CPC on “accelerating the construction of an innovative nation”with practical actions.

Dr. Xu Mingqiang, Chief Technology Officer of Full Chain Business Department of Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd., made a speech

Zhu Fang, Director of CPCIF Department of Information and Market, hosted over the roundtable forum in the afternoon

At the forum, Chairman Fu Shoujie also announced that the Vanlead Group would start aGreen Recycling Project of Used Tires, so as to build an eco-industrial chain of green factory + green product + green recycling, and construct a recycling closed loopof "raw materials-products-waste products-raw materials". Through the introduction of internationally advanced and mature pyrolysis technologies and complete sets of equipment, the Group will become the first company in the world to achieve 100% recycling of cracked products. At present, the feasibility study report and mid-term test of the project have been approved. In the future, the Group will promote this technology across the whole country.