Guangzhou Municipal Commission Lecturer Zhu Minghong visited Vanlead Group to Preach the Spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress

Release time:2017-12-05

In the morning on December 5, the Group held a lecture on studying and implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress (the Spirit). A total 91 people, including Group executives, middle-level leading cadres of the group headquarters, executives of subordinate enterprises, and all party members of Group headquarters participated in the study activity. In order to grasp the profound connotation of the Spirit more comprehensively and accurately, this seminar invited Comrade Zhu Minghong, member of the Municipal Commission Lecturer Group and Deputy Party Secretary of Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, as the special counselor. Group Party Secretary andChairman Fu Shoujie presided over the meeting.


△Zhu Minghong, member of the Municipal Commission Lecturer Group and Deputy Party Secretary of Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciencesgives a preach

Secretary Zhu Minghong comprehensively interpreted the content and essence of the Spirit from the general situation and major achievements of the 19th CPC National Congress, Xi's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the historic achievements in the past five years,the historic changes in China's major strategic plan for economic and social development, the unswerving promotion of party self-disciplines and other aspects.

In summarizing the meeting, Secretary Shoujie stressed: To fully understand the great significance of the Spirit, we must give top priority to its implementation,analyze problems and accurately grasp the deep-rooted, structural problems as well as difficulties and challenges in the development course, we must make clear the direction and take the leadership of the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the guide to lay the foundation for future development. We must thoroughly study, propagandize and implement the Spirit, keep our original intention, bear in mind our mission, and guide the overall work with Xi Jinping’sSocialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics and New Strategy of Managing State Affairs and Administration in New Era. The most crucial point is that we shall always adhere to the pragmatic implementation and put each decision-making deployment in a concrete grasp. The most important thing is to always give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of party organizations at all levels and unite all cadres and the masses of the Group to work together.


△Secretary Shoujie presided over the preaching meeting and deployed the group safety work after the meeting.

At present, the Group is in its critical transformation stage, and aleapfrog development requires us to closely integrate the essence of the Spirit and Xi Jinping’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Erawith our actual work, and take the Spirit as the benchmark of the Group’s strategic deployment,so as to put the Spirit into practice at grass-root levels, and transform the spirit into powerful driving force to our work.

Finally, Secretary Shoujie emphasized that it is necessary to put the study and implementation of the Spirit into concrete work arrangements. In response to the Guangzhou Fortune Forum and the security work situation at the end of the year, all departments at all levels should conscientiously do a good job in the safety production and inspection in key areas of enterprises and serve as an important link and a concrete grasper for learning, propagandizing and implementing the Spirit, and ensure smooth and secure production and operation of enterprises. All employees in the Group shall strictly abide by the public order, strictly abide by the Prohibition Order, ensure personal safety, and earnestly implement the Spirit with practical actions.