Guangzhou SASAC Deputy Director Cui Yanlun and his companions visited Vanlead Group to investigate and supervise the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress

Release time:2017-12-06

In the morning on December 6, Cui Yanlun, Deputy Director of SASAC Guangzhou and his companions visitedGuangzhou Chemical Industry Group, a subordinate enterprise of Vanlead Group, to investigate and supervise the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress(the Spirit). Fu Shoujie, Chairman of Board and Secretary of Party Committeeof Vanlead Group and other Group executives, as well as key party responsible members of the five subordinate enterprises attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Secretary Shoujie.


Guangzhou SASAC Deputy Director Cui Yanlun and his companions visitsVanlead Group to Investigate and supervise the study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress

Secretary Shoujie first reported the status of the Group Party Committee in studying and implementing the Spirit and the progress of 2017 party construction.In studying and implementing the Spirit, the party committee of the Groupboth followed the plans, work arrangement and requirements of central, provincial and municipal governments and formulated its own work plans, grand study and training programs and special investigation and research work programs, so as to strengthen the leadership of the party, lead the lower level with upper level, and solidly carry out learning and training, preach seminars,lectures and other party activities. The Group executive members went to the grass-roots to link their work, carried out special investigation and research activities, and earnestly promoted the implementation of tasks to ensure the delivery of the Spirit to the workshops and departments, and transform the Spirit into powerful driving force for the development of the production and operation of the Group.

In terms of the key tasks for party building, Secretary Shoujie made a comprehensive report from several aspects, such as:play the political core and leading core role of the Group party committeein discussing and determining major affairs; examine and standardize the normalization of "two studies and one education";carry out the Group Secretary Committee’s “Secretary project”; innovatively carry out knowledge contest of "Qualified Party Workers"; carry out high-quality standardization construction of Commission for Discipline Inspection;implementa responsibility system for Party integrity and Party construction of the Group.

Subsequently, the subordinate party organizations of the Group (Wanli Tire Party Committee, Chemical Industry Group Party Committee, Nanfang Soda Ash Party Committee, Asset Company Party Committee, and Double One Party Committee)reported their work in studying and implementing the Spirit and their featured party construction work.

After listening to the reports,Deputy Director Cui Yanlun fully affirmed the work of the party committees of the Group in studying and implementing the Spirit. He said: Firstly, the Group's efforts to study and implement the Spirit were very timely and the atmosphere was very good. From the formulation of the work program to the launching of a series of learning activities, there were many brilliant and impressive highlights worthy of affirmation. Secondly, the subordinate party committeeswere innovative, for example, Wanli Tire invited the District Procuratorate to give lectures, Chemical Industry Group carried out weekly quiz on key points of "two studies, one action", Double One arranged new college students to give party lectures, all of which demonstrated a good sense of innovation; Thirdly, the report of Vanlead Group on carrying out tasks and implementation of party construction tasks included the contents of political construction, ideological construction, organizational construction, discipline construction and system construction, which reflected the Group Party Committee’s strong political sensitivity and awareness ofoverall situation.

Deputy Director Cui Yanlun put forward five requirements to Vanlead Group in studying and implementing the Spirit. Firstly, the report of the 19th CPC National Congress is rich in content and profound in theory. It is necessary to learn how to get through and make progress, and take the study and implementation of the Spirit as the priority political taskboth at present and in the next step. Secondly, we must do a good job in studying and implementing the work of the 19th CPC National Congress of the Party at all levels to ensure a full coverageof party committees at all levels. Thirdly,we must strengthen the education and management of party members, strengthen the building of grass-root party organizations, create more education platforms for party members, and give full play to the exemplary role and leading role of grass-root party members; Fourthly, using a problem-oriented approachandtaking the municipal inspections and rectification as an opportunity, the Group must carry out self-examination and rectification, make up for shortcomings and consolidate grassroots to ensure the Spirit as a powerful impetus to the reform and development of state-owned enterprises. Fifthly, by studying and implementing the Spirit, attach great importance to pay off work wages owed to migrant workers, stress production safety, fire prevention and chemical protection, as well as anti-corruption of party members and cadres, so as to put the Spirit into practice at grass-root levels.