Chiarman Fu Shoujie of Vanlead Group led a team to investigate and express solicitude to the Group’s counterpart impoverished village in Yingde

Release time:2017-12-11

On December 11, the poverty alleviation team of Vanlead Group constituted by Fu Shoujie, Chairman of Board and Secretary of Party Committee, Wu Liangguo, Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, Wang Yu, Secretary of Board, and subordinate enterprises visited the Group’s counterpart villages (Qingxi Village and Shikeng Village) in Shakou Township of Yingde City to carry out poverty alleviation investigation and express solicitude to poor households. Party Secretary Liu Weirong and Deputy Party Secretary Xu Ping of Shakou Township participated in this activity.

△Group Chairman of Board and Secretary of Party Committee Fu Shoujie expresses sincere solicitude to poor households

Secretary Fu Shoujie and the entourage visited Fu Xiufeng household and Zhou Daoxian household in succession. They enquired the situation of the two poor households and their need for assistance, and asked them the reconstruction progress of their dilapidated houses. Secretary Shoujie requested that the reconstruction progress should be accelerated to allow poor households to live in new houses by the end of this year. Later, Secretary Shoujie sent a condolence package to the poor households, encouraging them to actively face the difficulties, increase their confidence in life and work together with the poverty alleviation team to step out of the dilemma and achieve a well-off life.

△Group Chairman of Board and Secretary of Party Committee Fu Shoujie investigates the plan of Passion Fruit Project

Subsequently, Shou Jie secretary and his companions came to Passion Fruit Base of Qingxi Village Industry Assistance Project for research. Secretary Shoujie asked the village cadres on the progress of the passion fruit project and the current yield of passion fruit, and listened to the future development plan of Shakou Township delivered by Liu Weirong, Party Secretary of Shakou Township. Secretary Shoujie said that the passion fruit industry project is a long-term poverty alleviation project, thus a real and pragmatic long-term development should be made. He also urged the cadres settled in the village to strengthen communication with the government, and actively pushed forward the development of the project with the support of the government, so as to realize long-term stable income for the poor households, so these people can truly alleviate and get rid of poverty step by step.


△Group Chairman of Board and Secretary of Party Committee Fu Shoujie investigates learns about the growth of passion fruit

The passion fruit cultivation project is a 139-acre orchard developed by Vanlead Group with a total investment of 800,000 yuan and a financial capital of 300,000 yuan (participation of poor households in the form of shares). After the early phase development, the second batch of passion fruit has been harvested. It is estimated that in 2017, each poor household can receive an industrial dividend of about 3,000 yuan.