2018 Guangzhou Annual Investment Conference Kicks Off; Distinguished Guests Discuss Intelligent Manufacturing Together

Release time:2018-03-28


In the morning on March 28, the “2018 Guangzhou Annual Investment Conference, China” was held at Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. Taking the theme of “Guangzhou, Your Best Choice”, the conference displayed the global transition of Guangzhou from high-speed growth to high-quality development. Subsequently, the Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Sub-forum with the theme of “Intelligent Manufacturing, Innovative Future” was held in the Qingyuan Hall of the Convention Center. The sub-forum was co-sponsored by Guangzhou Vanlead Group and Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance, and co-organized by Guangzhou Industrial Robot Manufacturing and Application Industry Alliance.


As a key direction of Guangzhou to construct a "China Made 2025" pilot demonstration city, intelligent manufacturing is highly concerned. Mainly focused on the development trend, the direction of technology integration, and industrial value-added services in the intelligent manufacturing industry,this sub-forum has attracted a large number of distinguished guests from home and abroad. The sub-forum was presided over by Li Lingqi, head of Shenyang Institute of Automation, Guangzhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Qu Daokui (Founder and CEO of Siasun Robot), Zhu Kangjian (Chairman of Board of Borche Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.), Hao Yucheng (Secretary-General of China Robot Industry Alliance), and Dai Sen (Founder and Chairman of Board of Guangzhou Yihubaiying Network Technology Co., Ltd.) successively made keynote speeches titled as " History and Development Trend of Intelligent Manufacturing, Construction of Public Service Platform", "Intelligent Upgrading and Transformation of Equipment Manufacturing Industry", "Create Intelligent Manufacturing System Platform Technology with Robot + iMES", and "Intelligent Manufacturing Services for Internet+ Manufacturing platform. The wonderful speeches of the four industry guests aroused the resonance of the attendants, who expressed their high expectation towards the development prospects of the intelligent manufacturing industry in Guangzhou.

During the two sessions of this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the deliberations of the Guangdong delegation that more attention shall be paid to the development of real economy, and the development of new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, green and low-carbon, bio-pharmaceutical, digital economy, new materials, marine economy and other strategically emerging industries shall enjoy top priority. Under the background of Guangzhou's march towards intelligent manufacturing, in November 2017, the Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Alliance was established. The Alliance was jointly initiated by Vanlead Group, Light Industry Group, Intelligent Equipment Group, and Yuexiu Group. Twelve Guangzhou state-owned enterprises participated in the alliance to drive the development of Guangzhou state-owned enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing in the form of “platform + think tank + capital”. Initiatives such as advanced manufacturing, integration of corporate resources, and deepening of innovative cooperation models will play a greater role in achieving high-quality development, so we can take practical actions to implement the requirements of General Secretary Xi for Guangdong Province.