New Vanlead, Leader of the Future

Release time:2015-08-19

          On July 8, the Wanli Tire New Product Launch Event took place in the picturesque Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, attended by the main leaders from Guangzhou South China Tire & Rubber Co.,Ltd., representatives of Wanli tires dealers, and journalists from major national media. At this event, Wanli Tire released three new products: the SA302 sports series, SA302 explosion-proof series, and SL106 light truck series.

           These new products not only indicate that Wanli Tire has a perfect lineup of products but also opens a new chapter in its rapid development. A new Vanlead is built on new products and technology and growing with new momentum; with a new image, a new Vanlead will lead the future with confidence.

             NewProducts, Flagship New Products Taking the Lead-威尼斯人.90939.COM

            Chen Miao, Vanlead deputy general manager and chairman of Guangzhou Fengli Tire Co., Ltd. attended the event and delivered a speech. He said: “Wanli Tire will become a leader in Chinese tire brands in terms of R&D and technology. It will be a leader that uses the most cutting-edge equipment for production in China; it will be a leader that gets close to consumers as much as possible and is all ears about all their new requirements.”

             The three new products launched by Wanli Tire this time were the SA302 sport series, SA302 explosion-proof series, and SL106 light truck series. As a flagship product, the SA302 is a sports tire designed for the people pursuing sporting performance and enjoying the pleasure of excellent driving. The product features excellent handling, good wear-resisting, and excellent experience of driving control, especially in the case of the slippery road surface. This new product has received all tire performance-relevant tests at IDIADA (a global authoritative testing institution in Spain), such as the noise index, braking distance, and slipping. The test data show: On a dry road surface, the braking distance of this product is reduced by 30% as compared with the previous-generation product; on a wet, slippery road surface, the distance can be reduced by 13.6%; the noise index ranges between 69 to 70 decibels, better than the European standard by 2.8%. The SA302, an explosion-proof series, not only has all the features of the SA302 sports series, but also can still function when it runs flat. When the tire is damaged, the vehicle can still go for 80 kilometers at a speed of 80km/hour. This effectively prevents traffic accidents due to tire explosions, resulting in more safety and reliability.

            The SL106 light truck series is mainly intended for the light truck. Compared with products of the same category, it features a larger contact area and a more even distribution of contact pressure that result in better anti-wearing performance and braking distance. Launched simultaneously, the three products serve various purposes and form a comprehensive product portfolio of Wanli Tire, revealing the company’s insight into the consumption trends in the niche markets. At the highly-anticipated price-publishing stage, the second round of climax came. The guests onsite were interacting together, and “shaking” the Weixin “shaking” feature to find out the prices of the new tire products. The SA302 (including the explosion-proof series) comes with 14 specifications, whose prices range from RMB300 to 1,000; the SL106 light truck series contains 13 specifications, whose prices range from RMB250 to 700. These prices can be described as “competitive” when compared with tires of the same quality.


            On July 9, Wanli Tire held a tire testing experience event at Baima Lake Test-driving Ground in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province to better test the performance of its new products. The event was divided into two parts: professional race driver tire test performance and test-driving by media people. In the performing part, the professional racing drivers easily pulled off their performance by driving the cars equipped with Wanli Tires, displaying the excellent performance of Wanli Tires. At the test experience part, Wanli Tire arranged such test items as linear acceleration, emergency braking, and moving around the piles under complicated road conditions, where the Wanli Tires showed excellent performance all the same.

            The Wanli Tire new product R&D team told us: “The new series of products we launched this time were researched and developed by European standards. Europe is the global center of tires and represents the most advanced technology and technological trends together with the most vigorous European standards. As an enterprise with a global mindset, Vanlead carries out the R&D of these new products by the European standards in the same way as the top international brands do. So, their performance is at the same level as the major international brands, and part of their performance is even superior to them.”

           With a New Look, Wanli Tire Aiming for New Heights in a Big Way

           This new product launch event was a historic moment for Wanli Tire in its mid-term objective. It was a product launch event and, more importantly, was a meeting for showing its determination, indicating that it would enter a brand-new development stage in terms of R&D, market strategy, channel deployment, etc.

           Technically, Wanli Tire sufficiently showed its R&D strength through this new product launch event. The new products were results of total reform in the patterns or other various aspects; the test data from a globally authoritative third-party testing institution were encouraging, showing that Wanli Tire was at par with the world’s major brands. Wanli Tire has been a leader among the Chinese tire brands; this launch of these new products has definitely consolidated its leadership.

           From the market perspective, the flagship products launched by Vanlead this time are intended for the passenger car market with a promising prospect, indicating that Wanli Tire is attaching greater importance to its B2C strategy while consolidating its position in the overseas market and the car component market. The Chinese tire industry is on the eve of a revolution, when the new generation of consumers who are individualistic and ready to express themselves will not be satisfied with the functionality of the tire; they will be keener on the individualistic significance provided by the tire. Wanli Tire has always been readily adapting to this major trend. It has gone online to try ecommerce, for example. Wanli Tire sales online at its Tmall flagship store are a new sales model that the company is experimenting with in the era of the Internet; it has also tapped into new markets according to the constantly changing consumption habits of consumers.

          The reason why Hangzhou was selected for the launch was that Wanli Tire highly values the excellent market condition in eastern China and that, as a place of birth for ecommerce, it has plenty of potential for development. With Hangzhou as its base, Wanli Tire will make a series of strategic deployments in eastern China, further expanding its presence in the local market. In the future, Vanlead will further make adjustments to make its channel network closer to the consumers, strongly promoting its various products and the Vanlead brand as a new image.

            Chen Miao, chairman of Wanli Tire, said: “2015 is a year of reform and innovation for Wanli Tire. In February, the Wanli Tire Hefei Two Million TBR Project was launched, which was the starting point for the overall reform of Wanli Tire. In March, Wanli Tires officially found their way into 4S dealerships, while its tire flagship store was opened in Panyu, Guangzhou, which was the prelude of the strategic reform of Wanli Tire channel. Now with the launch of its new products, Wanli Tire will embrace the future of Chinese tire brands in a brand-new way.